Tinker Visiting Professor

Glauco Arbix

Glauco Arbix is Full Professor of Sociology at the University of São Paulo (USP), head of Humanities area of the Center for Artificial Intelligence and coordinator of the Observatory for Innovation at the Institute of Advanced Studies (USP). He previously served as president of the Brazilian Agency for Innovation (FINEP, 2011-2015) and of the Institute for Applied Economic Research (IPEA, 2003-2006). In the Brazilian Government, he was general coordinator of the Strategic Unit (2003-2006, an advisory board to the President of the Republic). He served as member of the United Nations Development Program’s International Advisory Group (2006-2009) and of the Brazilian National Council of Science and Technology (2007-2010). He was previously a Tinker Visitng Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, visiting scholar at the MIT (2010, U.S.), research fellow at Columbia University (2009, U.S.), at the UC-Berkeley (2007, U.S.), and at The London School of Economics (2002).

TVP Details
Employer/Affiliation University of São Paulo
Job Title Professor
Country of Residence Brazil
Field of expertise Sociology
Specialty Innovation; development policy
Host University Details
University name University of Wisconsin Madison
Department Sociology
Academic Year 2022-2023
Term/Semester Fall