Tinker Visiting Professor

Adrián Gorelik

Gorelik, a professor at the Universidad Nacional de Quilmes, Argentina, is one of the leading urban historians of Latin America. Since the publication of his influential La grilla y el parque. Espacio público y cultura urbana en Buenos Aires, 1887–1936 (1998), he has been one of the most important urban historians of the region. La grilla y el parque sought to understand the city as a self-contained form, not a direct product of social life, but as one of the constructive parts of society itself. It continues to be reprinted, and it is currently being translated into English as one of the “libros clave en estudios latinoamericanos” of the Latin American Studies Association. Other books include Miradas sobre Buenos Aires. Historia cultural y crítica urbana (2004); Das vanguardas a Brasília. Cultura urbana e arquitetura na América Latina (2005); Correspondencias. Arquitectura, ciudad, cultura (2011); and La sombra de la vanguardia. Hannes Meyer en México, co-authored with Jorge Francisco Liernur (2019). Trained originally as an architect, Gorelik approaches urban history in a unique way, blending urban planning, architecture, and social and cultural histories.

TVP Details
Employer/Affiliation Universidad Nacional de Quilmes
Job Title Professor
Country of Residence Argentina
Field of expertise History
Specialty Urban history
Host University Details
University name University of Chicago
Department History
Academic Year 2022-2023
Term/Semester Spring