Tinker Visiting Professor

Antoni Miralda

Miralda, a Catalan multidisciplinary artist, is one of the most distinguished pioneers of “food art.” Representative works include Diner en quatre couleurs (with Dorothée Selz, Galerie Claude Givaudan, Paris, 1970), a sixty-diner event featuring color-coded dishes; Fest für Leda, (Documenta 6, Kassel, 1977); Breadline (Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston, 1977); Wheat and Steak (Kansas City, 1981), a multi-day event including parades, a performance, and a meal at the Kansas City Board of Trade; Santa Comida (New York, Miami, Barcelona, Paris, 1984–2017), an interactive space centered on sacrificial offerings to Afro-Atlantic deities that emphasizes spatial movement; El Internacional (with Montse Guillen, New York City, 1984–86), a conceptual art tapas bar and restaurant (incidentally the first tapas bar in the U.S.) in Tribeca; and Sabores y Lenguas (1997–2007), a project realized in eight Latin American metropoles aiming to create a poetic archive of local foodways. Many of his works promote collective participation in a context of play and partying. His gastronomic ethnology has received widespread international recognition. Since 2000, Miralda has focused on the FoodCulturaMuseum, an archive of multiple projects based on research and reflection around food diversity and its relation to the cultures of the world.

TVP Details
Job Title Artist
Country of Residence Spain
Field of expertise Visual Arts, Anthropology
Specialty multidisciplinary artist, focus on food culture
Host University Details
University name University of Chicago
Department Anthropology
Academic Year 2022-2023
Term/Semester Fall