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Social-emotional and Remedial Support for Teachers and Students in Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Respond to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on public education by providing social-emotional tools and training to teachers and implementing tutoring and remedial strategies for students 

Guatemala | Honduras | Nicaragua
24 months
The COVID-19 pandemic combined with Hurricanes Eta and Iota have created economic and social hardships across Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua during the past year. Most schools have been closed since March 2020, and the reopening process remains slow and uncertain (Nicaragua has not closed schools, but student attendance has suffered significantly). Through its work during the pandemic, Glasswing staff have found that students and teachers are facing a range of psychological issues that interfere with learning and exacerbate existing challenges in the school systems, including low enrollment and completion rates, especially among girls.

Glasswing will provide social-emotional and academic support to teachers and students in 22 schools across the three countries. The project builds on lessons learned from prior Tinker grants on how to provide effective social-emotional support and tutoring in both in-person and remote educational environments. Glasswing will train 220 teachers on restorative practices and mindfulness, which will improve their ability to meet students' basic emotional needs and identify trauma-related behavior. In addition, Glasswing will offer direct academic support to students in early primary school and middle school through academic clubs, tutoring, and remedial education. Finally, Glasswing will partner with Tinker to bring its knowledge and methodologies to a wider audience. This may include a virtual conference or webinar series, provision of training to civil society organizations, dissemination of Glasswing teacher guides, and/or op-eds and other communications products.