Democratic Governance

Cuba Emprende Foundation drives technical and advisory support to Cuba’s entrepreneurial sector

Tinker Foundation grantee, Cuba Emprende Foundation, was an instrumental driver of the 10x10kCuba contest to provide technical and advisory support to Cuba’s entrepreneurial sector. The contest benefitted Cuban entrepreneurs, and also the profile of Cuba’s private tech sector to U.S. companies, accelerators and universities.

Violence in Guatemala: Conflict Analysis and Policy Advocacy

The International Crisis Group was established in 1995 to reinforce the capacity of governments, inter-governmental bodies, and the world community at large to understand, anticipate and prevent deadly violence, and where prevention fails, to contain and resolve it. With this project, the International Crisis Group will develop an in-depth analysis of criminal violence in Guatemala, the background to current tensions, and obstacles to progress.

Promoting Judicial Independence and Transparency in Latin America

Due Process of Law Foundation (DPLF) was established in 1996 by members of the United Nations Truth Commission for El Salvador to strengthen national judicial systems in Latin America. DPLF seeks to strengthen the rule of law and promote respect for human rights through applied research, strategic alliances with and technical assistance to non-governmental organizations and judicial authorities in the region, and outreach to key decision and opinion makers.

Proyecto Cuba Emprende

Proyecto Cuba Emprende, offers training and advisory services to Cuban entrepreneurs who wish to start or improve a small business. PCE's core program for current and aspiring entrepreneurs is 80 hours of classroom instruction in the areas of human resources, marketing and management, finance and accounting, and sales and customer service. Course participants complete a business plan, and graduates with promising business prospects are offered continued advisory services through the PCE's Incubator and Center for Business Development.

Americas Quarterly: Politics, Business and Culture in Our Hemisphere

Americas Quarterly (AQ) is the Society's premier publication dedicated to politics, business and culture in the Western Hemisphere, with a primary focus on Latin America. Since its founding, AQ has earned a reputation as a serious, independent, nonpartisan voice on Latin American affairs. AQ provides a regional, comparative perspective on common issues facing the region. AQ allows policymakers and advocates to exchange views and to share best practices on a wide range of topics.


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