Reporting Instructions for Institutional Grants

Narrative Reports

Listed below is the information that should be included in your narrative report. In the case of multi-year grants some questions may not be pertinent for interim reports and can be omitted. Feel free to add any other information that you consider relevant. In addition, please note that all reports to the Foundation must be submitted in English.

  1. Provide a brief overview of the original goals and objectives (both short- and long-term) of the project. What was the rationale behind the development of the project, or what is the nature of the problem that the activities were to address?
  2. Describe the activities that have taken place.
  3. Provide a brief summary (no more than two pages) of the findings or the accomplishments of the project. Did the project meet the goals and objectives set forth in the original proposal? Were there any surprises? What internal and external factors contributed to or impeded the project's success? If any problems were encountered, how were they dealt with? What unanticipated results (good or bad) did the project yield?
  4. What was the target audience for the results of this project? How did you reach them? What evidence is there that this audience or others have made use of these results? Enclose copies of any media coverage if you wish.
  5. What do you anticipate will be the longer-term effects of the outcome of the project? Do you expect the results of the project to stimulate further activity or research in this subject area? What is this project's value as a model or demonstration of new techniques or approaches that could be replicated elsewhere?
  6. Has the project yielded any products such as publications, videos, audio clips, etc.? How were they distributed to the appropriate audience? [Note: Please be sure that the Tinker Foundation receives three copies of any printed publications or products (including books, white papers, DVDs, etc). Provide the URL for materials distributed online.]
  7. Identify project personnel and participants and describe their roles. If there were any personnel changes, how did this affect the project?
  8. Describe the impact this project has had on your institution.  Will it continue to work on this issue/area?
  9. Did the original project budget prove to be feasible? Were there changes in the allocations for specific budget items? Why? If the original budget did not prove feasible, why did this happen and how was the project affected? List sources and amounts of any additional funding received, if applicable.
  10. If submitting an Interim report, please describe the activities you have planned for the year to come.   Note that you must request approval for any modifications to the approved budget.

Financial Reports

To fulfill the Foundation's financial reporting requirements it is necessary only to fill in the "Funds Expended" column of the "Approved Grant Budget" sheet that you received with your grant announcement letter. This form should be returned to the Foundation when submitting the narrative report.

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