Reporting Instructions for Field Research Grants

Reporting Schedule

Submission of annual financial and narrative reports is required for each year of the award program according to the instructions provided.  Renewal of support will be considered automatically if reporting requirements have been met; it is not necessary to submit a new application.  Final reports at the end of the grant are not cumulative and need only report on the final year of the grant.  The standard schedule is as follows:

Report Due By Revisions (if any) Due By
Interim Report (Y1) September 15 of Year 1 April 1 of the following year
Interim Report (Y2) September 15 of Year 2 April 1 of the following year
Final Report (Y3) December 31 of Year 3 N/A

A Field Research Grant may be renewed two times for a total of three years of support. Following the expenditure of all funds and submission of final reports at the end of the third year of the award program, grant recipients must wait at least one full calendar year before they are eligible to apply for a new award.  For example, if all funds have been expended and all reporting requirements have been met in December 2018 (year 3), the earliest an applicant may reapply is in October 2020, with 2019 as the hiatus year.  

Often it is not possible for a Center or Institute to submit a final report for Year 3 until after December due to student travel schedules and/or other administrative considerations. In such cases, an extension of the final reporting deadline to April 1 of the following year will be granted upon request.

Narrative Report

All narrative reports must include, but need not be limited to, the following:

  1. How was the Tinker Field Research Grants competition publicized throughout the university?
  2. What was the total number of applications received?
  3. Briefly describe the application requirements for the individuals seeking the grants.  
  4. List the members of the selection committee and their specialties or affiliations.
  5. Describe briefly the criteria used in selecting the successful applicants.
  6. Describe briefly any additional services offered to the individual applicants/grantees, e.g., orientation sessions, letters of introduction, host country affiliation requirements, etc.
  7. Describe the reporting requirements for the grantees.  Do they have any other obligations, e.g., participating in panel discussions where they share their experiences?
  8. What has been the impact of the Tinker Field Research Grants on the Latin American studies program at your university?
  9. Copies of written reports submitted by recipients upon their return from the field.  Reports should include, at minimum, a brief reiteration of the purpose of the trip and a description of previous research, international, or field experience, activities undertaken and objectives achieved while abroad, lessons learned and/or recommendations for others conducting similar field research, and the uses to which the findings or results will be applied.  Well-written articles with good photographs may be posted on the Foundation’s website ( with the author’s permission.
  10. Any additional materials such as photographs or scholarly articles that are published as a result of student’s field research.  

Financial Report

List all recipients and their award amounts using the financial reporting template included with your award letter.  The matching funds provided by the university should also be accounted for on this form.

Download Financial Report Template

Download the Expenditure and Reporting Instructions Template