Proposal Instructions for Field Research Grants

Email your proposal to Avi Richman, Program Officer for Education.  The proposal should include the following:  

  1. A completed application form (see link below).  For joint applications, each Center or Institute must submit a separate form.  Two sections will require appendices as described below:  
    1. FACULTY PROFILE: Attach a list of faculty members associated with the Center or Institute, with titles and specializations.  Of those listed, you will be asked to designate how many are Core/Associated and Tenure Track/Lecturer according to the definitions on page 4 of the application. If you have already prepared a similar list for a U.S. Department of Education NRC or FLAS application, you may submit that version to fulfill this requirement.
    2. COURSE PROFILE: Attach a list of courses with at least 25% Latin American content to be offered this year and in the previous year.  Mark any courses with less than 100% area content.  If you have prepared a similar list for an NRC or FLAS application, feel free to submit it instead.  
  2. A description of the mission of the Center or Institute for Latin American Studies,  information on degree programs offered, graduate student body, faculty specializations, related research and teaching institutes at the university, library resources, outreach activities, publications and other information considered relevant by the applicant.  A profile prepared for an NRC application may be submitted to fulfill this step. 
  3. The total number of students at the university who completed Ph.D.s with a Latin American concentration in the last five years.  Please list the degrees awarded, i.e., which disciplines.
  4. A statement of the Center or Institute's complete operating budget and listing all funding sources from within and outside the university.  Do not include salaries for teaching faculty.
  5. A demonstration of the need for field research funding among your students.  Describe the nature and size of the pool of potential applicants, the planned selection process for grant recipients, anticipated members of the selection panel, and guidelines for disbursement to and reporting by the students.
  6. A letter from the appropriate university authority confirming the necessary commitment to provide matching funds.

New applications must be received at the Foundation by October 1 of each year.   Awards will be announced by the end of the year. 

Download 2018 Application Form and Instructions (docx)

Download 2018 Application Form and Instructions (pdf)