Proposal Instructions for Field Research Grants

Centers applying for funding in 2019 deadline will submit proposals through our online grant managment system, Fluxx. If you have any questions, please contact Avi Richman at

The 2019 application requires the following:

  1. A completed registration form on Fluxx.  You must register your center to gain access to the full online application. For joint applications, only one center (the "lead") will register but both centers will include their respective information in the full application.
  2. Faculty Profile: Upload a list of faculty members associated with the center with titles and specializations.  Of those listed, you will be asked to designate how many are Core/Associated and Tenure Track/Lecturer as defined in the application.
  3. Course Profile: Upload a list of courses with at least 25% Latin American content to be offered this year and in the previous year.  Indicate those courses with less than 100% area content.
  4. Student Body Profile: The list should reflect the data from the most recent full academic year and include only those graduate students pursuing master's, doctoral, or advanced professional degrees with a concentration in Latin American Studies. 
  5. An overview of the center including the following information:
    1. mission, strengths, and areas of focus of the center;
    2. degree programs offered; faculty specializations;
    3. related research and teaching institutes at the university;
    4. outreach activities;
    5. publications; and
    6. any other information you wish to highlight.
  6. A demonstration of the need for and utility of field research funding among your students.  Describe the nature and size of the pool of potential applicants; the planned selection process for grant recipients; anticipated members of the selection panel; and guidelines for disbursement to and reporting by the students.
  7. The total number of students at the university who completed Ph.Ds. with a Latin American concentration in the last five years.  Please list the degrees awarded, i.e., which disciplines.
  8. A statement of the center's complete operating budget. List all funding sources from within and outside the university.  Do not include salaries for teaching faculty.
  9. A letter or letters from the appropriate university authority/authorities confirming the commitment to provide matching funds.


2019 applications must be submitted online by Tuesday, October 1 at 11:59 EST through our online portal Awards will be announced in mid-December and payments will be disbursed by December 31.