Promoting Judicial Independence and Transparency in Latin America

over 2 years

Due Process of Law Foundation (DPLF) was established in 1996 by members of the United Nations Truth Commission for El Salvador to strengthen national judicial systems in Latin America. DPLF seeks to strengthen the rule of law and promote respect for human rights through applied research, strategic alliances with and technical assistance to non-governmental organizations and judicial authorities in the region, and outreach to key decision and opinion makers.

This grant from the Tinker Foundation will support DPLF to serve as a technical advisor to national-level organizations in El Salvador, Guatemala, Bolivia and Ecuador in their efforts to ensure accountability and transparency of their respective judiciaries. DPLF will provide technical assistance to selection bodies for five new Supreme Court judges in El Salvador, with partners, create a Judicial Observatory in Guatemala, provide technical assistance to high-level government officials in Bolivia regarding judicial reform, and support the use of U.N. transparency mechanisms to monitor the independence of Ecuador's judicial system.

Project Director: 
Katya Salazar
(202) 462-7701