Institutional Grants Requests

Please visit Institutional Grant Requests to learn more about each of the Foundation's program areas.

Spring Cycle: March 30

(Final decisions are made by the Board of Directors in June.)

Please note that we are no longer accepting letters of inquiry for our March 30, 2018deadline. 

If you are interested in submitting a proposal for our September 15 deadline, please submit your letter of inquiry  after July 9, 2018.

Fall Cycle: September 15

(Final decisions are made by the Board of Directors in December.)

These dates represent the deadlines by which a full proposal must be received.

Letters of inquiry should be submitted two to three weeks before these deadlines to allow time for consultation with foundation program staff.

To complete a letter of inquiry or full application, please follow this link Tinker Foundation Inquiry & Grant System to access our online intake portal. We strongly discourage the submission of proposals in hard (paper) copy.

Letters of inquiry will provide a brief description of your proposed project as well as an estimate of the project budget. If there is sufficient interest in your proposed project, you will be able to proceed to submitting a full proposal through our online submission portal. Instructions for accessing the portal will be emailed to you.  Please note that the narrative portion of the proposal must be in English.

The sequence of the application process in the online portal is as follows: 

  • Eligibility Quiz (to determine if your organization qualifies for support from the Foundation)
  • Letter of Inquiry (to determine if you should proceed to a full proposal) 
  • Full Proposal (only if the proposed project falls within our areas of interest)

If you have questions about the application process, or the eligibility of your institution or project, please contact Margaret Egan.