Full Proposal Guidelines

Please submit your proposal through the online Tinker Foundation Inquiry & Grant System. First-time applicants will need to complete an eligibility quiz prior to submitting a request.

Proposal Completion

Full proposals will include the items listed below. We recommend that you prepare these items prior to accessing the site.

Narrative Section: This section is generally between 10 and 20 pages in length (excluding curriculum vitae) and includes the following documents that can be uploaded to the online application system. Please note that it is best to use the Google Chrome browser.

  1. A description of project objectives and theoretical, practical and/or policy-related significance (as both a discrete endeavor and within the broader field)
  2. Background and contextual information on the issue
  3. Plan of Work describing the activities to be conducted and indicating any factors that could serve to delay the plan, change the length of time required to complete the project, or alter the proposed budgetary designations
  4. Anticipated Results of the project and long-term impact, and how these will be evaluated
  5. Plan for Dissemination of the results (identify the target audience and how it will be reached)
  6. Brief descriptions of the qualifications of the project director and other project personnel (with curricula vitae as attachments)
  7. Names and contact information of up to three individuals not directly involved with the project who could serve as reviewers or references. Indicate briefly the perspective they provide on the issue or project.

Please note that the narrative section of the proposal (except for curricula vitae) should be submitted in English.

Potential Supporting Partners: List of additional sources of funding that you have approached for funding for the project.

Additional Attachments to be uploaded to the proposal intake portal:

  • Itemized Annual Budget for the cost of the project.  Provide a spreadsheet (or spreadsheets) indicating the a) total project budget and b) specific expenses that Tinker Foundation support would cover.  A maximum of 15% of the project's direct costs may be included as overhead in the budget.
  • Copy of the organization's latest Audited Financial Statement
  • A list of the organization's Staff and Board of Directors
  • A one-page summary describing the organization, including date of founding, mission, purpose, activities, sources of funding, etc. 

If you have any questions concerning application procedures, please do not hesitate to contact us.