Expanding Access to Justice by Creating New Models for Pro Bono Services

Santiago, Republic of Chile
over 2 years
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Project Goals: 

Fundacion Pro Bono Chile was established in Santiago in 2000 to increase access to justice for poor and disadvantaged people by promoting and facilitating pro bono practice within the Chilean legal community. Since then, Pro Bono Chile has coordinated the provision of legal assistance to individuals and organizations, organized training programs for new lawyers, and facilitated legal reports for public sector agencies. Currently, Fundacion Pro Bono Chile is the only pro bono organization in Latin America whose law firm members consistently log volunteer hours and pay annual member dues - indicating a high level of buy-in from the law community within the country.

This grant supports Fundacion Pro Bono Chile's efforts to engage new sectors of the Chilean legal community in pro bono work and to promote institutionalization of the Pro Bono International Network. Expansion efforts will be focused on incorporating in-house legal departments of companies throughout the country, where staff lawyers have expressed interest in performing pro bono work through their corporate social responsibility programs. Additionally, Fundacion Pro Bono Chile will organize and host the Pro Bono Challenge-an annual competition in which teams of law students across the country will be invited to submit proposals that identify legal aspects of a social problem and design replicable solutions.

Project Director: 
Marcela Fajardo R.
(56 2) 381-5660