Equitable and Sustainable Resource Management within the Watershed of the Acaponeta River in Northwestern Mexico

Cambridge CB3 0NA, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
over 2 years
Project Location: 
Project Goals: 

Through this project, BirdLife International aims to provide stakeholders in the Acaponeta River watershed with necessary tools and support to manage, value and monitor the services provided by their local, natural environment. They will assess the value of ecosystem services of the Acaponeta watershed and their benefits to local populations under different land-use scenarios, develop pilot payment-for-environmental-service (PES) programs at selected sites and guide development of a water reserve. Together with their partners, BirdLife will share and replicate this water reserve experience nationwide and will document the experience in ecosystem service assessment for PES-program development as a case study for other conservation NGOs.

Project Director: 
Amiro Perez-Leroux
(593 2) 246 4786