Eligibility for Institutional Grants

To be considered for a Tinker Institutional Grant, a request must be submitted by an organization with 501(c)(3) charitable status or its equivalent, i.e., if the organization is based outside the United States.

The project/program for which funding is sought must be geographically focused on Latin America. The project must fall under one of the following program areas: Education, Democratic Governance or Sustainable Resource Management.

The Foundation will not consider requests for:

  • annual fund-raising appeals;
  • support for building construction or major equipment purchases;
  • individual research;
  • funding of health or medical issues;
  • production costs for film, television and radio projects;
  • arts and humanities projects, including art museum collections and exhibits; or
  • endowments.

The proposal intake process begins with a series of eligibility criteria questions. Those organizations passing eligibility criteria will be able to proceed to the letter of inquiry section.

Note: If your organization has an open grant, the Foundation is unlikely to consider a new funding request until the funded project has been completed and the final reports have been received and approved.