Eligibility for Field Research Grants


The Tinker Field Research Grants competition is open to accredited United States universities with Centers of Latin American Studies.  The university must offer a Ph.D. degree with a concentration in Latin American Studies, although it need not grant a doctorate specifically in the field.  (For example, a center is eligible to apply if the university of which it is a part offers either a Ph.D. in Latin American history or a Ph.D. in history with a concentration on Latin America.)


Two or more centers may submit a joint application for a Tinker Field Research Grants award.  Each university must contribute a portion of the matching requirement.  Successful applicants will receive a single award, but each institution must participate in the administration of the program.  Joint recipients are subject to all the regulations governing the Tinker Field Research Grants as detailed in the program guidelines.


Individual students should contact their university's Center of Latin American Studies for application instructions.  See the Grant Awards database for the list of universities that currently offer Tinker Field Research Grants.