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Christchurch, New Zealand
over 3 years

Gateway Antarctica is the locus for Antarctic studies and research at the University of Canterbury, the second such institution founded in New Zealand. Its purpose is to contribute to increased understanding and more effective management of the Antarctic and the Southern Ocean by being a focal point and a catalyst for Antarctic scholarship, and attracting national and international participation in collaborative research, analysis, learning and networking. Among its objectives is to be a knowledge gateway to Antarctica by gathering, storing and providing access to pertinent data.

The objective of this grant from the Tinker Foundation is to support Gateway Antarctica to consolidate the available scientific knowledge about Antarctica and facilitate access for policy makers through an online portal where scientific information will be translated into the official Antarctic Treaty languages (Russian, English, Spanish and French). In doing so, Gateway Antarctica aims to foster effective, timely, evidence-based decision making by the Antarctic Treaty Consultative Parties, enhance the engagement of those Antarctic Treaty Consultative Parties with fewer resources and limited access to information on Antarctica and generally facilitate and enhance the Antarctic science and policy dialogue.

Project Director: 
Neil Gilbert
(64 3) 3580200